A dumbwaiter lift which is sometimes referred to as a micro lift is designed to transport food and drinks between locations or floors in a restaurant, bar or pub. They can also be used for repeated movements of small loads in a variety of other businesses.

A dumbwaiter can be beneficial to your business in many ways, but for the purpose of this blog, I will highlight four main advantages.
1)The risk of injury is reduced
Carrying heavy items up and down stairs frequently can cause back injuries due to constant strain. When staff carry large items up the stairs, they run the risk of accidentally falling, which may result in severe injuries, resulting in their inability to work.
In contrast, a dumbwaiter allows items to be moved quickly between floors without exposing your team to any health hazard.
The principal benefit of using a dumbwaiter is the time it saves. Rather than walking heavy items up and downstairs, dumbwaiters are used to transport them within seconds. The time that workers would normally spend walking items up and down the stairs can be used for other duties, so productivity will increase.
3)It takes up far less space
With a dumbwaiter, you can transport objects while taking up far less space. Since dumbwaiters are significantly smaller than other lifts, they are ideal for environs with limited space.
Moreover, dumbwaiters require slightly less construction than traditional lifts, meaning that your business will experience minimal interruption during installation.
Installing a dumbwaiter is also more cost-effective than installing a passenger lift. This lets you install a dumbwaiter lift to transport items between floors and increase worker productivity. Furthermore, using a dumbwaiter to transport items between floors reduces the risk of damage because the items can not be dropped on the way up or down the stairs, saving you both time and money.

Our dumbwaiter lifts are designed to be used in various situations, and ZM Engineering provides a wide range of them. You can count on our proven services for dumbwaiter lifts to meet all your needs regardless of whether you are looking for an efficient way to transport food between a kitchen and dining room in a restaurant or for a home installation to assist a disabled individual.

Having already served some of Kenya’s most prestigious establishments, you can always count on receiving the best installation and maintenance services when you choose ZM Engineering. For more information, contact our professionals today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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