Why all schools should have CCTV cameras

An educational institution has a critical responsibility to ensure the ongoing safety of both its students and teachers. Introducing any surveillance system to a school environment can be quite an
emotive topic, but schools that have CCTV systems experience more benefits than concerns. We briefly discuss the main benefits of installing CCTV systems in schools. A school should choose to install CCTV cameras on its premises for various reasons.

Student Safety
Parents expect that safety should be a priority once their children arrive at school, whether they walk, take a bus, or are dropped off. Sadly, as the number of students at each school increases, the chances of incidents, crimes, and violence increase as well. Whether it’s bullying, unauthorized access, or vandalism, CCTV surveillance systems are a very effective deterrent to incidents during school
hours. Not every crime has a witness, but when you have a CCTV camera you have a witness all the time.

Improved Performance
CCTV surveillance will not only improve security but will also foster a culture of discipline, leading to better performances for both students and teachers.

Teacher Safety
The security of the staff is equally important, and everyone should feel safe during working hours. Remote Access Systems coupled with CCTV cameras set teachers at ease knowing that only the right people are on the premises, so they can focus on the needs of their students in class, without worrying about intruders. With the use of CCTV camera surveillance systems in schools, faculty staff can focus on their responsibilities.

Teachers also have a protective tool in CCTV cameras, which protects them from false accusations of misconduct and provides video evidence for interactions between teachers, students, and their parents.

Anti-social Behavior Prevention
Schools can be the scene of a multitude of anti-social activities, such as drug dealing and consumption of alcohol. CCTV alone will help you provide evidence of any criminal activity or active vandalism. CCTV will allow easier detection of suspects and identification of perpetrators.

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