Refined Lift Engineering

Commercial Lifts

Having a busy commercial building that requires a seamless flow of people? ZM Engineering Commercial Escalators in Kenya are your best choice.

Commercial Escalator

ZM Engineering Commercial Escalators in Kenya will help you achieve a smooth, uninterrupted flow of people throughout your building. We have solutions for all applications – from small commercial centres to busy transit hubs.

Residential / Home Lifts

ZM Engineering sells, installs and maintains peculiar Domestic Lifts that compliment your beautiful home. Our domestic lifts in Kenya are spacious and functional.

Passenger Elevators

We understand that lifts do not only have to be functional but also deco pieces for your master architectural piece that your building is. Our passenger lifts will display elegance and represent companies that your building hosts in very high regards.

Panoramic Elevators

Panoramic elevators in Kenya from ZM Engineering display unmatched opulence. The panoramic elevators are an invention that will give your building that unique stroke. We make your vision come true  in a panoramic way.

Hospital Elevators/ Bed Lifts

In a modern hospital, elevators need to move patients and staff seamlessly and safely. ZM Engineering offers a full range of specially developed bed elevators for optimum performance in the highly demanding environment of patient movement.

Escalators & Walkways

Discover our industry-leading escalators and moving walkway solutions, which set the standard for safety, quality, eco-efficiency, and visual design.

Freight Elevetors

If you need a goods only lift with no pit for a mezzanine or a 20 ton goods lift for a large manufacturing plant, we have the right solution for you.

Dumbwaiter Elevetors

Our reliable selection of assorted lifts have already been utilised within some of Kenya’s most prestigious establishments, so you can always be certain of getting the topmost quality service when you choose ZM Engineering.

Car Elevators

Car elevators are used to vertically transport vehicles inside buildings. Vehicle lifts,  lift a car at its centre of gravity and are used in garages and repair shops and are designed to allow access to a car’s undercarriage for repair.