Nairobi and Kenya as a whole is experiencing the rise of tall buildings ranging from commercial premises, residential and all sorts of buildings. Building owners are however experiencing a hard time when it comes to maintenance/servicing of lifts/elevators and escalators due to fewer companies that offer lift maintenance services, this has led to a lot of lifts in buildings being neglected and in turn being faulty.

Elevator maintenance and servicing is very important yet many building owners are not sure how frequently maintenance should be done.


For multi-storey buildings elevators are very key for accessibility and movement, making it easy for people to work, live and reach their destinations faster. If the lift of your building is poorly maintained people will notice it by the lift being, breaking down and people getting stuck on the elevators. Poorly maintained elevators may end up causing harm to users and even end up costing lives. This makes maintenance of elevators and escalators vital, giving the technicians the green light to identify and fix issues such as faulty lights, door problems and subpar ride quality. The benefits of a well-serviced elevator are a faster, reliable and offering an all-rounded experience for all users using it, providing a safe environment free from harm.

Regular lift maintenance further helps in cost saving since it helps in avoiding additional costs of unplanned replacements, repairs and eventually prolonging the lifespan of the lift. Not carrying out services on the lift will lead to losses due to lack of access and safety, which could prompt people to make compensation claims against your establishment in the form of lawsuits.


Elevators have complex parts just like any other moving machine that requires regular care and maintenance for them to function effectively. How frequently lift maintenance is needed will vary depending on the type of elevators, frequent use of the elevator, and the number of floors of the building that the elevator serves. Highly used lifts in retail establishments require more attention whereas minimally used lifts will need fewer checks and service in a year. Maintenance of an elevator frequently is a wise preventative measure, the more times you service your lift the longer it will last and the lower cost of running you will incur.


 During elevator maintenance visit the technician will examine the elevator’s safety features, clean, lubricate and adjust various elements of the lift. The following things are thoroughly examined;

  • Sign
  • Locks 
  • Keys 
  • Lights 
  • Cables 
  • Belts
  • Buttons
  • Doors
  • Controls
  • Screws 
  • Nut
  • Shaft structure
  • Emergency backup system 
  • Electrical mechanism 
  • Emergency backup system 
  • Alarms and communication equipment
  • Lubrication
  • Smooth functioning 

Certain elevators will have specific key elements or features examined, hydraulic lifts oil system should be tested and traction lifts must get a comprehensive examination on their belt and chain system.

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