Many building owners, especially first time owners who are constructing a commercial or even residential building in Kenya usually wonder the process of installing an elevator in the building, is it installed before or after the building construction completion? This blog will highlight the best and most effective installation process of a lift.

An elevator is a vertical transportation system of goods and people permanently installed in a building. Elevator installation process usually comprises 5 to 7 members; installation mechanic, electrician, individual in charge of installation who consults with the; cranmen, scaffolders, carpenters and masons.

The entire team must familiarise with;

Building construction layout

Lift hoistway structural diagram

Lift hoistway layout drawing

Performed holes and embedded parts drawings

Machine room layout plan




Scaffolding is a temporary structure on the outside of a building made of wooden planks and metal poles, used by workmen while building, installing, repairing or cleaning the building.

 Scaffolding is required during lift installation and its quality has influence on the safety of the personnel working on the lift installation and the overall progress of the lift installation.  

Making template holders

Wood and profiled steel pipes of rectangular sections are materials usually used to make template holders. Template holders are the heart of an elevator and its a guide for the full installation process. The framework is made according to the measurements in installation drawings. Profiled steel is usually used for high rise lifts while wood is the least used.

Template holders  setup

Template holders are fixed in the hoistway 500mm below the floor of the machine room, in a scenario where there is no machine room or there is a small machine room the template holders are fixed in the hoistway 250mm below the top plate of the hoistway.

Rail supports installation

According to the vertical lift hoistway drawing the ring beams or the embedded steel plates of the hoistway, the positions and exterior dimensions of the ring beams of the hoistway and steel plates of the brackets should be checked. 

Landing doors installation 

Hoisting machine 

Buffers installation 

Buffer selection is always in accordance with the speed rate, hydraulic buffer is mostly used.

Safety gears and car frame installation 

The top terminal landing is near the machine room meaning convenient for checking dimensions and lifting parts of the machine room, that’s why the car is assembled on the top terminal landing.

Hoisting ropes installation

With the raised height of the car taken into consideration when the car is on levelling position of the highest the counter weight at the bottom floor and distance from ram of counter weight to the buffer in the pit use a 2.55mm2 electric wire to measure working length needed for the steel wire rope and allow for 500mm at the end.

Car installation 

Door operation installation

Speed governor installation 

Infrared multi beam screen installation 

Cabinet control installation

Cable system installation

Comprising branch cables, flat shaped hoistway trailing cables and round shaped prefabricated hoistway cables.

Signal system installation 

Installation of final limit cams, travel limit switches and terminal landing and also the installation of magnetic switches and screen.

Connection and installation of rotary encoder

Speed feedback in a lift control system is detected by rotary encoder, the system performance is influenced by the quality of the installation.

Wiring and earthing

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