What you should consider before buying your security camera

Security cameras are not purchased on a whim, as most people assume. It is an intentional decision-making process for products that best suit your needs. While away, you may want to monitor your home, office, or business and there are several things to consider. This is because, given a choice, you would want to make a lifetime investment.

You need security cameras to monitor your property, but how do you select the right ones?

Does the camera have a high resolution?

High-resolution cameras like 1080p and 4K Ultra HD are better at zooming in on images clearly and in great detail than a camera that has a lower resolution.

Does the camera have the capability to pan and tilt both up and down?

This will enable you to watch a subject of interest in your footage as it pans and tilts.

Night vision range:

How far can I see at night? When choosing a security camera, to maintain visibility during the nighttime hours, make sure the camera has at least 65 feet of night vision.

How many features does the CCTV camera have?

You should look for features such as video recording, motion detection, and smart alerts. Check the features first to determine the best security camera.

Did you know there are many different types of CCTV cameras available?

There are: wired, wireless, dome, infrared, professional box, hidden cameras, etc. With these factors in mind, purchasing a security camera becomes much easier. Thanks to this guide, now you know what features you need and which type will be the most suitable for your home or business.

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